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Formerly known as VD Consult, our company was founded in the fall of 2009 and results from a reflection drawing on many years of experience working hands-on in the agri-food industry. The initial vision, which is maintained still today, was to meet industry requirements through an adapted approach, according to each agri-food business’s specific needs.

Our motivation is to provide the right solution to each of your safety challenges. We're here to listen to you, and we'll come up with new ideas that are both fair and customized.

Traduction technique

Our transformation

Initially VD Consult focussed on agri-food auditing. Consulting services, technical translation and training were soon added to the service offer, thus allowing the business to develop its expertise in HACCP, FSMA, GFSI and organic certifications.

Cibustec now consists of a team of consultants, each with solid industry backgrounds, who are knowledgeable and understand the agri-food sector’s specificities. We specialize in implementing food safety management systems and in developing customized training programs. Our practical approach reflects our industry experience and the one hundred audits we complete annually!

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