Food safety

consulting services

Cibustec is trained and certified to implement HACCP, FSMA, GFSI standards, and more. We can help you through our food safety consulting services.


Stay current

Already certified? Cibustec can help by taking care of your annual system review, by helping you to comply with regulatory changes or new standard editions. Our certified auditors can carry out internal and supplier audits and are trained to assist in developing action plans to answer to audit reports.


Traduction technique

Certification within reach.

Implementing a new standard or food safety management system can mean many changes for your business. Cibustec consulting services can help simplify the process by assessing your goals and your current internal standards system, in helping to select a referential, to all associated steps.

The benefits of certification for your company

Implementing a recognized food safety management system enables your company to access new markets, and gives you the tools to formally integrate food safety principles into all company activities.  It’s also a major asset in the day-to-day management of risks associated with the production of food and related products. 

Food packaging and Food manufacturing are two entirely different work environments. We will never try to impose an operating model that does not correspond to your specific needs or work environment: each business is unique. We will work with your team to adapt your existing system to comply not only with established reference standards but also to meet your own requirements.


Internal Audits

At Cibustec, we pride ourselves on offering customized internal audit services and taking the time to understand your issues and advise you accurately.
 For this reason, our auditors are trained not only to assess whether your sanitation management system complies with standards and regulations, but also to provide you with solutions for improvement.

Assessment and review

Annual re-evaluation, validation, regulatory updates, version changes, risk analysis: you can be sure of getting the right information on the most recent changes, and receiving accurate, professional work based on the most rigorous foundations.

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